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home office with ergonomic chair

Looking for a quick and easy way to refresh your home office? Check out these thirteen ideas, from new paint colors to furniture updates!

Paint color trends for the home office in 2022

Paint color trends for the home office in 2022


How can you bring more nature into your life if you don’t have easy access to the outdoors? No matter where you live, even if it is in a major city, it’s still essential to find a way to either spend some time outside in nature or to bring natural elements to your home and …

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California Casual Design Style

How to incorporate the Casual California Design Style in your home. The casual ecstatic California interior design style is all about comfort and relaxation. It often features simple lines and natural materials and looks effortlessly collected and relaxed, which creates an inviting atmosphere.

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Working from home should be the best thing in the world, and not having

It can be hard to balance work and home life. Sometimes it seems like one or the other suffers. But it is possible to make it work. The key is to use your time wisely, get help, use your resources well, and cut out activities that don’t bring you joy. The first step is to be intentional about how you spend your time, whether at work or home.

7 Tips on how to create a calming home and work environment to soothe your senses.

Hygge (pronounced “hoo-ga”) is a term used in Denmark to describe a feeling of warmth and relaxation that comes from taking time for yourself and spending quality time with friends and family. It is vital to have a designated space conducive to productivity when you work from home. However, that does not mean your home office must be bland.

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The Home Office: Working From Home.

Whether you’re a freelancer, new to telecommuting, or an experienced pro trying to improve your video conferencing experience, I hope this article will help you. I’ll give you some design pointers and share some renders of home office designs.

Designing your home office that supports your optimal working method is critical. In addition, it’s essential to focus on the design of backdrops and lighting for video conferencing because it will be your primary tool when it comes to communicating with co-workers, clients, and consultants.

home office with freestanding height adjustable desk

That is inviting, ergonomically comfortable, and makes you feel energized to start your workday, first thing in the morning after you pour your first cup of coffee or tea in the morning.